Hunting for Russians

by RA Jr. on June 2, 2011

It’s 1:oo PM on a Monday afternoon in midtown Manhattan. There are tourists, bankers, taxis and……


How do we know that these devki are some of our own? Well, because that’s actually us.

No, not really.

(But they could be.)

Anyways, there are several signs one should look out for when hunting for rabbits Russians:

  1. Bleach blonde hair
  2. If it’s not bleached, it’s jet black
  3. Heels — 5 inch minimum (regardless of time of day / location / occasion)
  4. A cigarette in hand — extra points for Virginia Slims
  5. Tight skirt — legs baby!
  6. If it’s not tight, then it’s ruffled
  7. A bag. Louis Vuitton. Only.
  8. Unless it’s Chanel.
  9. You can smell their perfume from across the street.
  10. Sunglasses. Especially if it’s night.
  11. A confused / angry /sexual look on the face.

Once spotted, how you approach them is up to you — but whatever happens, don’t ask them “how much” — that’s just rude…

  • Katya Libin

    I think the proximity to BG is you biggest giveaway that they are devochki of the Russian variety. No one can afford that store except A) new Russian money and B) prostitutky

    • Wow, strong words there… about 3 – somebody who WORKS and gets WELL paid?…..The girls, btw, do NOT look Russian.  Russian ones would be wearing Juicy Couture with lots of gold tchachkes and have a cell phone implanted at their ear permanently.  These three look young and rather…..too well-kept.

  • Milochka

    Gold jewelry , especially chain with pendant ( may be cross)

  • Vlad

    These could be alot of things. One thing is for sure, they are in active search or open for opportunieties.

  • Sofia

    You forgot to add animal prints, lots of them

  • don’t forget the atrocious accents and caked on makeup

  • Kat

    HAHAHA this is so true!!! I can spot a Russian from 5 miles away

  • Lana

    Very rude and not true. In America, called the Russian immigrants from neighboring countries, and which are not even Russian.
    In Russia, even similar girls not. There are only beautiful and well maintained. Curiosity, go to Russian sites and see
    But Americans are fat and do not try to raise well-maintained by their self Russian beauties.
    After all, neither of which is easier to do than what we strive for!
    Simply call a beautiful woman as a prostitute than to take care of themselves

  • Sue

    What you are talking about is Brighton Beach Russia- these girls do not define Russian community and again we are not Russians we are Russian Jews which is completely different.

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