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by RA Jr. on March 2, 2012

As a dedicated reader of this blog, we can tell a lot about you. We can tell that you’re probably witty, smart, youthful and not outrageously terrible looking. How do we know? Because we stalk the living crap out of our readers.. (thanks Facebook!)

We can also tell that you want to stay informed about things that matter around the world and the interwebs. So today shall be link-love-day with stories that make our heart skip a beat, heat our loins, and get our orange juices going… and ultimately keep us, and therefore you, entertained informed:

First up is a story as old as time about a Russian man living his life out in the suburbs with a wife and 2 kids getting busted for being the king diddy kong of an insurance fraud ring. Read here.

In a related story, Russian men should never leave voicemails. Ever. Especially to American based news outlets. Seriously.

But they should certainly rap. Especially on TV. In front of a live audience.

In other news, Snooki is preggies. Let’s hope that her little bottle of vodka comes out a-ok.

And if doesn’t, it can join the weirdos of American Apparel behind this.

Finally, when we’re not busy reading about wondrously unethical things our fellow Russian emigres are doing,  we’d really like to learn to crack nuts like this. Seriously, how does she do it???

Aiight that’s all we got peoples. Leave us love notes in the comments below about what you think! Adios until next time!

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Olya March 2, 2012 at 11:55 am

HA what is the guy in the voice mail even saying? lol 


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