On Fall and Friendship

by RA Jr. on September 24, 2012

Pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks. Warm sweaters. Closed toe shoes and brisk weather.

Yes, these are all the things we HATE about the Fall, that remind us that Summer is over. That kids are back to school, and the leaves will soon be falling. But the change of seasons makes us think about another change in life – the change of work. Changing jobs, changing positions, changing companies. Although not as seasonal as changing of the weather, these changes also bring about new opportunities, and not only in terms of wardrobe. You see, with each new job move comes the potential for new friendships. New people to meet, new people to work with. But what’s most exciting for us, is the moment when you discover there is another “Yana / Masha / Vicka / Katya” on the team. You immediatetly think to yourself, ok yea, this is going to be good. She’s going to get me. We’re going to be friends.

There has never been a doubt in our minds that the other Russian in the group will be our office-best friend. It’s this feeling of connection. This feeling of long-lost-friend. Do we have any mutual friends in common? Are we from the same city of origin? Did our parents tell us the same thing growing up about getting good grades and how a 91 on an exam was just not good enough because we missed the other 9 points? Whatever the connection is, we always knew there will be one.

One of RA Jr’s first jobs out of college was at an internet start-up. She was hesitant to go — what would it be like? Is a start-up really safe? And when the hiring manager discovered her origin, he blurted out, “you have to join! We have a girl named Inna here — you’re going to love her! Inna needs another girl here — are you going to leave her hanging?” And with that bit, she knew it was a no brainer. Inna needed her, and she most definitely needed Inna. An ally. A friend. Another pair of eyes and ears there to watch her back.

Upon joining, the friendship naturally built. “Where did you grow up?” — “oh California, that’s interesting. My uncle Lyova lives in San Francisco, do you know him?” — “you live in the East Village? That’s cool, my sister lives there, too”. It was something of magic — you couldn’t explain why there was this instant bond with a complete stranger, but there just was.

And this is the same experience we hope to have at every new career change. We walk in on our first day and hope that we learn of a girl named Marina, who sits in the next row. Or of Katya, who has a hint of a Brooklyn accent. It’s that relationship we know will help us through the transition and help us feel welcome and slightly more at home. So here’s to changes, new beginnings and new friends. Oh and if you’re wondering about Inna, we no longer work together, but that same feeling of connection can be felt whenever we catch up — we still have each other’s back.



Bro, you’re gonna get hit with a crutch, bro

by RA Jr. on August 28, 2012

“I didn’t choose the crutch life. Crutch life chose me.”

Thanks to our homeboy Arturrrrrrrrr for being at the right place, at the right time… that is, in Midtown (presumably on his way to Daffy’s).


Daffy’s, may you rest in peace

by RA Jr. on August 8, 2012

You’ve recently been waking up in the middle of the night covered in a cold sweat filled with anxiety. You have to wait a few seconds for that feeling to calm in the pit of your stomach and your thoughts to come back to you. And then you realize, it’s true…

This nightmare is a reality: Daffy’s is closing!

For the uninitiated, Daffy’s is where our fashion styles were birthed. It is where we went to give our closets new life by buying Italian brands that weren’t available in other stores; brands like Adele Fado, Motivi, Flavio Castellani, and Yaya (basically, anything that has a ridiculous sounding name and we’ve never seen or heard of otherwise). That is, until our lives came to screeching halt a few weeks back when we learned that Daffy’s was closing it’s door to us forever.

At first we cried. Then we panicked. And then we put together a plan to buy up the rest of all Patrizia Pepe inventory (European size 40).

And we know you’re on that mission, too. Because we’ve seen you in Daffy’s before. On more than one occasion.

To help streamline your last minute ravaging of the store for golden nuggets, we’ve put together a listing of all the store locations in Men-Hetten and rated them …. all so you can transition from the occasional shopper to crazed Russian bazaar like cheetah:

Yes, we’ve actually went to 87.5% of all the stores in Manhattan, and yes we’ve already had a mini modeling session at home to show one another what we triumphantly clawed out of our competitors‘ fellow shoppers’ hands.

As per the spreadsheet above, you can see that the Wall St. location might as well be dunzo already. The one in SOHO was heavy on the Yaya, not so much on the Pepe. But whatever your brand of choice is, we do suggest you go now and hurry, because it is about to be the end of an era. And if you can manage to get to a Daffy’s outside of NYC – run, don’t walk… we haven’t been there yet so there may still be good stuff left.

After you’re all shopped out, dress up in black Patrizia Pepe, big black hats and sunglasses, walk into the Time Square store and start laying roses with “Rest In Peace” ribbons down on all the registers. You will likely find us chained to a mountain of shoe boxes.

Viva la Daffy’s!


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