There is indeed love in this club

by RA Jr. on May 2, 2012

Today we would like to tackle an important topic that we like to tackle on the frequent side of things. This topic, as you probably guessed, is how awesome we are the topic of love. The topic of love with Russians, naturally, which we call R&R. And what better way to explore this riveting topic than by doing in the field research at real clubs. Err.. that’s what we meant to do until we lost focus and got way too drunk rowdy at Mehanata this weekend. Anyways, behold:

This is how love happens. Two beautiful men come together to form one beautiful vampire power couple.

Speaking of power couples, did you know Ryan Seacrest was Russian?

On the other side of the club, this guy is just trying to reclaim the sandwich his girlfriend ate earlier. Or eat her instead.. whichever comes first.

And then there’s Plushtiality. We don’t blame you home girl, pickings are slim out there.

And a final word to the girls: there are  always guys ready to steal your heart…. but first they might steal your wallet.

Good luck out there!

  • Sdfd

    What Brooklyn club is this?  Looks like tranny night outside the Sadovoye Koltso.

  • The GSB

    Ahaha omg these shots are amazing.  

  • The GSB

    PS gotta be careful with Mehanata and their Mystery Punch…and their Vodka Booth…

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